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The guild is the basis of your activity in the world, allowing you to manage your party roster, equip your characters, purchase items, and so on and so forth.

Overview[ | ]

As you travel throughout the overworld and complete missions of your choosing, you will earn gold and reputation for your actions. Gold is obviously valuable, but your guild’s reputation can be equally important. Do you want to be known as cut throat mercenaries, leaving a pile of bodies and enemies in your wake? Or do you want to remain honorable by helping those in need and forging meaningful alliances. Whatever path you choose will have an effect on the missions and opportunities made available to you. Keep in mind, your characters have their own motives, opinions and a sense of loyalty towards the guild. Making choices that they do not agree with can decrease their Loyalty, leading them to question, abandon or even betray you.

Maintaining your guild is a costly venture; you will need to pay expenses for travel, accommodations, and supplies. Your characters don't risk their lives for free either, and they will expect to be paid on time and by the terms of their contracts. Planning out your travel route and accepting the right missions goes a long way to running a successful organization.

Renown[ | ]

Renown is a measure of your overall fame within the world. As your Renown grows, you will be trusted with more difficult contracts and gain access to better recruits. Additionally, you will gain Renown Points which can then be spent on Company Upgrades.

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