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Classes define a character's active and passive abilities, their two main attributes, their compatible weapons, and their role within the party. Each class has six active abilities, one passive ability, and one basic attack. Only four active abilities can be equipped on a character at a time. An additional ability can be learned from Mentors. Novice characters begin with 2 abilities to reflect their status with additional abilities becoming unlockable as the character levels up.

Balladeer[ | ]

While damage output isn't their strongsuit, the Balladeer more than makes up for it by supporting their allies and inflicting a variety of debuffs on their enemies.

Guardian[ | ]

Armed with a holy conviction, the Guardian is uniquely suited to healing and aiding her allies, though she remains more than capable of punishing her enemies.

Huntress[ | ]

With trusty bow in hand, the Huntress can pick off her enemies from afar, employing a wide range of abilities that bring them to their knees.

Icebinder[ | ]

The Icebinder summons the cold to freeze enemies in their tracks, support their allies, and manipulate terrain on the battlefield.

Pugilist[ | ]

The Pugilist thrives in close-quarters-combat where their fists reign supreme. Their deep connection to the aether allows them to enhance their abilities and support their allies.

Pyrolancer[ | ]

The Pyrolancer conjures and manipulates fires that can control and shape the battlefield. At close range, they are capable of devastating enemies with their flame-powered lance.

Stormcaller[ | ]

The Stormcaller summons the violent forces of nature to do their bidding, using lightning and wind to dispatch their enemies in short order. Due to their vulnerability in close quarters, they are most suited to the back lines.

Valkyrie[ | ]

Blessed by the Nurren god Vismyr, Valkyries are formidable shieldmaidens who excel on the frontlines where they can best protect their allies.

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