The Iron Oath Wiki

Every character in the game that is available to recruit has 6 primary attributes and 11 secondary attributes.

Primary[ | ]

The six primary attributes are a character's main attributes that increase with level and are used to calculate the values of remaining secondary attributes. The primary attributes are listed below with their corresponding secondary attributes:

  • Physique: Physique is a measure of a character's physical strength. Physique determines a character’s Critical Damage and Evasion and gives a moderate bonus to Health.
  • Finesse: Finesse measures how dexterous a character is. Finesse determines a character’s Base Accuracy and Critical Chance, along with their Evasion.
  • Toughness: Toughness is a measure of a character’s vitality and fortitude. As a result, it determines a character’s Health and Defense.
  • Conviction: Conviction is a measure of a character's physical and mental perseverance. Conviction determines a character's Defense and Morale attributes.
  • Insight: A measure of mental fortitude and spirituality. Insight determines a character’s Critical Damage, and Perception.
  • Mind: Mind is the measure of a character’s knowledge. Mind determines a character’s Base Accuracy and Critical Chance.

Each of the classes has a pair of main attributes that scale that class's Power attribute, which determines the damage of both basic attacks and unique class abilities. The table below categorizes each class by their two main attributes:

Physique Finesse Toughness Conviction Insight Mind
Physique Huntress


Finesse Huntress


Conviction Valkyrie Guardian
Insight Guardian Stormcaller
Mind Pyrolancer Stormcaller

Secondary[ | ]

Secondary attributes are calculated from primary attributes and are scaled directly via attribute bonuses from gear and traits. Below is a list of each secondary attribute, a description of its function, and how its value is calculated excluding gear or trait bonuses:

  • Health (HP): How much damage a character can take before they are downed. A character’s health is determined by their Physique and Toughness attributes. Health is increased by 15 points per one point of Physique and 35 points per one point of Toughness.
  • Morale: A character's feelings toward the current mission. Morale affects post-mission Fatigue and other social interactions. A character's Morale is given by adding their Conviction attribute to the Morale base value of 50.
  • Power: Power is the damage output of a character’s basic attack before any other calculations (like Critical Chance or Defense) take place. The Power attribute is determined by: Power = Weapon Damage + 2(Main Attribute 1 + Main Attribute 2). For the calculation of a class ability’s effectiveness, a unique modifier is multiplied to the Power value.
  • Critical Chance: The chance to land a Critical Hit. Critical Chance is determined by the Finesse and Mind attributes: Critical Chance = (Finesse + Mind)/4. The damage multiplier of a critical hit is determined by the Critical Damage stat.
  • Critical Damage: The percentage of increased damage from Critical Hits. Critical Damage is derived from Physique and Insight: Critical Damage = Physique + Insight + 25.
  • Base Accuracy: The chance to hit with a Basic Attack. Base Accuracy is derived from Finesse and Mind: Base Accuracy = Finesse + Mind + 50.
  • Defense: Percentage of damage reduction. A character’s defense is derived from their Toughness and Conviction: Defense = (Toughness + Conviction)/4.
  • Evasion: The chance to evade an incoming attack. A character's chance to evade is determined by: Evasion = (Physique + Finesse)/4.
  • Speed: Determines the turn order for each round of combat, from highest to lowest. A character’s Speed is determined by the base value associated with their class, as well as bonuses from gear and traits.
  • Movement: How many hex cells a character can move and still perform an action afterward. Like Speed, Movement is also determined by a character’s class, gear, and traits.
  • Perception: Helps to detect traps and secrets in a dungeon, in addition to lowering the chance of being ambushed in combat. A character's Perception is equal to their Insight.